Daniel’s Surrender Snark…With BOOBIES!

So, Daniel’s Surrender is a m/m/f menage with a HEA. Yes, the boys like boobies as much as they like balls. (Sorry m/m purists – does it help that there’s LOTS of boy-sex in the book? I mean a LOT a lot!)

As we were writing it, Sierra and I thought a lot about how the dynamic between three lovers would go. In order for it to be an equal relationship, each of them had to contribute something unique and necessary to the others. So, what we discovered was that, for all his issues, Daniel’s the “stable” one. He’s the one who tempers Matt’s impulsiveness and Shannon’s empathy. Matt? He’s the carefree one. If Daniel is a calming influence, Matt’s the one to get him to lighten up – to have fun. And Shannon’s the heart of things. Shannon’s touch is the one that finally enables Daniel to look beyond his past, and Matthew to look beyond his reputation, and allows them to finally trust…

So, we’ve seen quite a bit of Matt ‘n Dan snark – here’s a glimpse of the woman who tamed them both. Shannon’s in the process of moving into an apartment in Matt’s building. She’s just tangled with an uncooperative couch, and has come to take Matt up on his offer to help with the heavy lifting, but he convinces her to take a break, first.

“Well, before you go back into the fray, let me give you some fortification.” He opened the refrigerator, and took a moment to regret he was indeed a bachelor, and his refrigerator reflected it. “I’ve got domestic beer, some orange juice, German beer, a flat diet soda, and, oh, some beer from a local microbrewery,” he called out with a grimace. “What can I get for you?”

“Gee,” her laughter sounded like bells. “it’s really hard to choose, but I think I’ll have to go with … um … beer.”

“An excellent choice,” he replied, carrying two bottles and two glasses into the living room, “it’s the house specialty.”

Shannon rolled her eyes and accepted both bottle and glass as he dropped onto the couch next to her. Setting the glass on the coffee table, she took a long drink directly from the bottle and leaned back with a sigh. Interestingly, instead of leaning back into the soft surface of the couch, she found herself leaning into the decidedly hard surface of Matt’s arm. She shot him a glance.

“So, that move work much, Slick?” In spite of her words, Shannon made no effort to move.

“Not since high school.” He grinned. “I’m hoping my luck is changing.”

Is he a GUY, or what?

You can find Daniel’s Surrender HERE, and more snark HERE, on Marie Sexton’s blog. She’s not actively snarking while she’s in Europe, but she’s got a linky tool with links to all the regular snarkers on the last post.


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