More Daniel Snark…

So, I mentioned in a comment on last week’s snark that poor Brady Ryder (owner of Velvet Ice) is the stereotypical fucked up man. Daniel ain’t far behind him, though, a fact Matthew is well aware of. In this scene, Matt’s come to Daniel looking for information about his brother, Marcus, who’s gone missing. As Marc’s best friend, Matt’s hoping Daniel will have a clue where he’s gone.

Letting out a deep breath he threw the door open. Matt stood on the other side, looking like a frat boy, dressed in jeans and a Detroit Lions t-shirt .

“Matty, haven’t you realized by now that team is a lost cause?” Daniel remarked, moving his hand in a sweeping motion, inviting Matt in.

“Daniel, haven’t you realized by now I’m a sucker for lost causes?” he smiled. “And my name’s not Matty.”

Daniel’s Surrender is still available HERE, along with Carrie’s Answer and Meredith’s Awakening. For the moment you can find the Scenes from Velvet Ice novellas HERE, though they’re due to come down any day now.

Check out Anne Tenino, Tali Spencer, and Marie Sexton’s blog for a list of regular snarkers. (Even though she’s in Italy and not snarking on her blog, you can check out previous weeks for the links to other awesome snark!)


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