Daniel’s Surrender Snark

So, I know Marie Sexton’s being snarky in Europe right now, thus not being snarky on her blog, but I’m hoping someone who knows how to use the linkety tool will take up the banner today!

So, for those of you who’ve been waiting, Daniel’s Surrender (the m/m/f 3rd book in the Corporate Affairs trilogy at EC – which was The Worthington Group trilogy at Liquid Silver) is out in ebook! Daniel is probably still my favorite of the Violet Summers books. Every single thing about writing it was a pleasure.

In this very brief snark, Matthew Worthington has just had an unexpected close encounter of the oral kind with Daniel Ellis – his older brother’s best friend, and a well-known playboy. And solid gold smart ass, as you can see.

When the convulsions eased Daniel drew his finger out, provoking a last shudder. Then he set about straightening his clothing as if nothing had happened. When he realized Matthew was still standing there, breath unsteady and pants unzipped, he patted his cheek.

“Zip up, Matty. The night’s not over. There’s still networking to be done.”

Once both men were decent, or in Daniel’s case perfect, they emerged into the glittering throng of charity night attendees. Daniel nabbed two champagne flutes from a passing waiter. Handing one to Matthew he raised his own in salute before draining it and decisively walking away.

When Sierra and I wrote Daniel, m/m was still a taboo kink (to us, anyway, coming from the Lora Leigh school of kink). I think I’ve gotten MUCH better as an author, and as a m/m author in particular, but I still love the sort of joyful innocence of even the dark, BDSM-y scenes in Daniel’s Surrender.

I hope you’ll love them, too!

Daniel’s Surrender is available HERE!


  1. I LOVE this book! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it! Congrats on it’s re-release!

  2. I am re-reading them again! I am working in Dorian love them all. When is Master Brady getting a book?

    • Oh, poor Brady! Chronologically, there’s one more book to be finished/published before Brady – that’s Morgan’s story, and I have NO idea when that’ll get done… Then Brady’s story will be utterly devastating to write… That poor man’s so fucked up it’s not even funny! So, the stories will be coming… Just slowly and with no ETA.

      I’m so glad you love them, though! We love writing them!

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