Oceanic Snark, Part 2

Our m/f/m menage, Longfellow’s Lovers, released Wednesday HERE at Ellora’s Cave. The Longfellow in question is Ariana, an Historian taking an Australian beach vacation before moving on to her next assignment in Asia. The Lovers are Ky and Jaxon, mermen and brothers who bicker like, well like brothers.

In this week’s snark, Ky and Jax have just claimed Ariana, their mate, and are behaving like…men…in the aftermath. No, they didn’t roll over and go to sleep. Instead Jax went looking for food while Ky took care of their exhausted lover. Of course, “taking care” quickly becomes “petting and fondling,” and as Ky’s nest-brother, Jax has a telepathic window to what’s happening in the bathroom while he’s rounding up a snack.

Ky knew she needed rest, and after they ate he would let her have all the sleep she needed. But at the moment he wanted to watch the orgasm cross her face. He loved watching the flush rise to her cheeks, the way she licked her lips. Her sighs alone drove him mad with the need to bury himself inside her.

The Great Power had chosen their mate well. She was a perfect match for him and Jax, and while it had taken him off guard that she’d been a human, Ky couldn’t have been more pleased.

Ky, dammit, I wanted food. Now I’m standing in the kitchen with a boner that could pound nails!

Ky didn’t try to suppress the smile.

Ari blinked at him and crinkled her nose in an adorable expression of confusion.

“What’s so funny?”

Ky leaned down and kissed those precious wrinkles.  When her expression relaxed, he moved to her lips and kissed her deeply, until she gasped into his mouth.

He pulled away with a smile of satisfaction.  “It’s just my idiot brother, love. Jax is complaining that he now has a hard on.”

You can find Longfellow’s Lovers HERE, at Ellora’s Cave; and you can find more snark HERE, on Marie Sexton’s blog.



  1. O_O
    Forget the snark, I got sucked into the premise! Mermen? Oh, hi.

  2. Better yet, mermen with hard ons! 🙂 See, I would consider that a snack… both of them. Ari’s got it good!

    • Oh yest she does! And she’s got the perfect combination – sweet Jax and savory Ky!

  3. Read it. Loved it!

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