Run, don’t walk, to Ellora’s Cave and check out our new release, Longfellow’s Lovers! This m/f/m menage features mermen, a big, beautiful heroine, and as much sex on the beach as you could possibly hope for! It also features a cover that I think of as very “retro” – our gorgeous merman with long, flowing blond hair in a “From Here to Eternity” type embrace, while his tall, dark, HOT and brooding nest-brother looks on from his place in the surf. Yum!

Here’s the blurb:

Ariana Longfellow, an Historian whose job it is to record the narratives of the various supernatural species that inhabit the world, retreats to a sunny Australian beach for a summer holiday. But she’s not alone. There on the beach is the most amazingly gorgeous male she’s ever seen. And he has a tail! When another dark ocean god joins him in a cloud of ocean scent and spice, what can Ari do but surrender all she is?

Ky and Jaxon are warriors among the ocean dwellers, mermen dedicated to protecting their species from detection by humanity. When an injured Jaxon washes up on Ari’s beach, he and Ky are stunned when she triggers the mating scent, the signal to all merkin that they’ve found their true mate. The first snag—she’s a human. To add insult to injury—she’s a Longfellow. And all three of them must choose either duty to their own, or the love and passion shared between mates.

HERE’s the excerpt.

Here’s one of my inspirational pictures:



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