New Books! Squeee!!

I was very happily surprised a couple days ago when I found out Z.A. Maxfield had a new release coming 9/4. I was even HAPPIER when I saw on her Goodreads party page that it’s live! now! HERE!

Gasp! looks amazing, an “aging” (I use quotes cuz, dammit, I’m older than Nigel) rock star, a war vet, and it’s by Z.A. Maxfield. What more could I want?

I could want a new book by Jet Mykles.

And I got one!

Finally, finally, finally Champion, the sequel to Squire (and book 2 in the Indigo Knights series, which is a spin off of the fantastic Heaven Sent series) is out. And I didn’t know *it* was coming, either! I found it when I went to the Loose-Id homepage to order Gasp!

So, tomorrow, instead of brooding over NOT going back to school for the first time in 12 years, I’ll be wallowing in fantastic fiction – Gasp!, Champion, and a brief interlude with Squire to get back up to speed.

THANK YOU, ladies!


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