Abusing my “Celebrity” (snort)

I’m always surprised when anyone knows who I am. I mean, at AAD when Lissa Matthews came up to compliment Carrie’s Answer (which, by the way, is available HERE in print), I was stunned and blown away. And every time Brien Michaels goes squee on me, I just want to take him home and have him follow me around to give me a hug every time things start to suck. They’re sucking right now.

  Aside from the various ways my former day job is screwing me over, I’m watching my mom once again take a rapid      decline. Last week she didn’t know me – I was her older sister. This week she spent the day lost, wandering around waiting for her parents to come and take her home. She did that again last night, only this time it was my older sister who played the role of MOM’s older sister. Complete with name change.

Alzheimer’s is an evil, vindictive bitch.

And it has no cure.

BUT there are people working to find a cure, and working to support the care-givers, the men and women who give time and energy, and sometimes (or so it seems) our very lives to ease the transition of our loved ones into what my mom calls “the black holes”.

On Saturday here in Detroit the Alzheimer’s Association is having a Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I have friends and relatives participating, and I’d encourage you to look over the website. I’d be beyond touched and thrilled if you’d contribute (I’m linking you to one of my peep’s personal page), but money isn’t the heart of it. The heart of it is education – learning how to deal with the afflicted, and how to support the care-givers.

Run, don’t walk, to an elder care attorney – there are legal things you need to know! There are steps to take to protect your parents’, grandparents’, hell – your own – financial security. Educate yourself because every decision made in the middle of a crisis is excruciating.

And pray for us. Pray for me and my sister. Pray for our mom. Pray for Pat, a woman at my mom’s facility who spends her days trying to find the list of the lost from the concentration camps. We ALL need those prayers.


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