Thinkin’ ‘Bout GRL & the Return of Snark

So, I booked my flight to Albuquerque for GayRomLit, which has me all excited and giddy all over again. WooHoo! Or, maybe that should be YeeHaw! That got me to thinking about my one and only “western”, Something to Talk About, which is available for a very limited time at Liquid Silver Books. It’s a m/m/f menage story with a big, beautiful ER nurse, a cowboy, AND a cop!  That’s right, a cowboy AND a cop, and various combinations of yummy sexiness!  So, here’s a bit of “Western Snark” in honor of GRL!

This excerpt is from the very beginning of the story. Our heroine, Randi Lee, has just discovered that her lover of 3 years, Billy (yeah, I know – but it’s set in Texas, y’all) has been cheating – for a while. She’s in the parking lot of the local honky-tonk, doing a Carrie Underwood on his truck, when someone nabs her and pulls her out.  Meanwhile, another concerned onlooker (yeah – I taught high school for eleven years – I know the minute the word “fight” hits the halls, there’s gonna be a “concerned” crowd cheering and jeering in the background!) has run in to tell Billy there’s trouble…

“Hold on there, Randi Lee. Ouch! Now, Goddammit that hurt.”

Randi went limp at the familiar, deep voice. Great. Someone called the law.

The adrenaline rush crashed, leaving Randi exhausted and she leaned into Jon Denton, Casper County’s sheriff.

“Damn, sweetheart, you sure made a mess.” He turned her around in his arms, but kept her securely in his grasp.

His whiskey brown eyes gleamed from under his Stetson.  The corners of those gorgeous eyes crinkled as he smiled. “What did Billy do that has you out here destroying his truck?”

Before she could answer a howl rent the air as Billy ran up and surveyed the damage. Spinning around, his face as red as his paint job he screamed, “You stupid bitch! What did ya do to my truck?”

Randi lunged, but Jon had her captured by the waist again before she could reach Billy and strangle his no good lying ass.

Your truck! I pay for that truck. It’s in my name.”

Billy looked back at Jon. “I wanna press charges. Destruction of property, assault and being a royal bitch.”

You can find Something to Talk About HERE through the end of August.

You can link back to Marie Sexton’s most excellent blog and MORE snark HERE.

You can find other fun stuff HERE.



  1. Wow…zing! Good one. Though I suspect Randi’s in the right. But that’s great snark. 🙂

    • Thanks, Tali! Randi Lee is definitely in the right – there’s a bit of snark both before and after this where Randi Lee expresses her opinion of Billy’s character and his… girth… to great appreciation from the crowd!

  2. Hey VJ,
    Looking forward to seeing you again! It was fun meeting you last year:)

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