WIPs, Coming Soon’s & Other Fun Stuff

So, I’m working my fanny off, since I’m doing the “full-time-author-ulcer-flare-up-laid-off” thing this summer. Some WIPs I have:

Energy Work: Contemporary, corporate shark meets crunchy granola – pampered Persian meets goofy mutt – with some reiki thrown in to shake things up.



(Not quite sure WHY the formatting’s gotten all wonky on the pic’s…)

Hyde in Plain Sight – a m/m take-off of the Jekyll & Hyde story. Some fairly hard core BDSM, which is what’s holding things up. I haven’t quite managed to separate the mechanics from the emotion (for the Hyde scenes) without crossing the line from dub-con to outright abuse. Still working on it – just two scenes left, really. No inspirational images for this one, other than the ones in my head, though.

I have an Enemies-To-Lovers/Hurt-Comfort m/m set in a concentration camp that I’d love to get hammered out for the Fall, and I’ve just finished a Christmas short that I’m hoping to see pubbed this year.

I ALSO have Birthday Licks – a prequel to Melting – coming soon at EC. Melting gave us Thomas and Ryan’s “Happily Ever After” – Birthday Licks gives us their beginning – that 21st birthday when Ryan landed in Thomas’ lap.

Sierra and I have finished (I think) the edits for the next Longfellow story – Longfellow’s Lovers – which introduces Ariana Longfellow and her two destined mates, Ky and Jaxon. HERE is the blurb. Longfellow’s Lovers will be available in e-book 9/5, and in print paired with Longfellow Seduced, at RomantiCon.

We also have two “new” reissues. (Can a reissue be new?) Binding Ben, formerly available at Phaze, and it’s loosely connected companion story, Education Nadia (formerly The Dom Next Door), are also coming soon from EC.


In other fun stuff, I’ll be at the Sexporium at this year’s RomantiCon, in Albequerque for GRL, and various places on the web over the next few weeks/months.


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