AAD: Day 1 (kinda)

So, got up at the butt-crack of dawn for our “stop in Chicago , but no plane change” flight. Do the quotes clue you in that there was, indeed, a plane change? This very nearly ended in tragedy as a certain moron (who shall remain nameless :: coff, coff:: left her freakin Nook on the cirst plane.

A huge, wet, sloppy kiss to First Officer Dane who literally ran the concourse and found it for me.

Once in NOLA the skies opened up. Our oh-so-helpful taxi driver, who didn’t speak a word between “Where you go?” and “How you pay me?” refused to get out of the cab to unload our luggage, as he’s apparently made of arsenic (that melts in water, right?), but we were rescued by the world’s most awesome doorman.

The hotel, with a notable lack of in-room coffee pot, is lovely. So far the staff has been nothing short of wonderful. A brief bout of claustrophobia on my sister’s part kept us from the initial meet-n-greet, but we got our (kick ass) goodie bags, and managed an AMAZING boiled shrimp dinner at Pier 424. Upon our return, the gorgeous and charismatic Damon Suede, momentarily bereft of his harem, allowed me the sheer joy of recapturing one of the high points of GRL – the fanny squeeze. :: happy sigh::

So, we napped, ate, hugged the unmatchable Kelli K, editor goddess at EC! molested Damon, squeed over B.A. Tortuga, an said hi to a couple folks. A good start to the trip. Now I just have to find Joey and Brien and squeeze ’em ’til they squeak, and I’ll be a happy girl!

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