Why I FAILED Pimping 101

So, I have two new books out, and I’ve done NO publicizing. Not a jot nor a tittle. What makes this super bad is that they’re both IMPORTANT books – at least to me.
On July 25, Ellora’s Cave released the print edition. Let me repeat that. Ellora’s Cave released THE PRINT VERSION of Carrie’s Answer.


Now, I’m the first to argue to the pain that ebooks are every bit as valid as dead-tree books. In fact, I’ve converted going on 90% of my library to ebooks. But there’s a teeny tiny little part of me that feels like I’m finally a “real” author. Stupid? Yes. But I HAVE A PRINT BOOK! I wanna just roll around nekkid on a big pile of ’em.

You can find the stunningly beautiful (and not just cuz it’s print, the cover kicks ass) print edition of Carrie’s Answer HERE. The excerpt is HERE. Go. Read. Buy. Fondle. Bring it to the Sexporium at RomantiCon and have Sierra and I sign it.

On a side note, Carrie’s Answer (a m/f, with an explicit m/f/m menage scene) is the first book Sierra and I published, under the name Violet Summers. It was a labor of love, and felt rather like going through labor during each of its edits. We are so proud of CA, and hope you all love it – both incarnations in ebook, and the PRINT VERSION – as much as we do.

Carrie is the first in what was originally the Worthington Group, and is now the Corporate Affairs series. Meredith’s Awakening is available at (Meredith’s Awakening has a tasty m/m voyuristic scene, but is primarily m/f) HERE, and now, the final book in this trilogy, Daniel’s Surrender, is available at HERE at Ellora’s Cave. Check out Daniel’s excerpt HERE.

Daniel is a special story for me. Not only is it our second most requested book (the first is Brady’s story from Scenes from Velvet Ice – yes, Wen-Wen, it will eventually come, but Sierra, Brady and I just aren’t there yet), but it’s the first book Si and I finished, and the only book that flowed effortlessly from beginning to end and through both edit processes (with love to Terri and April). 30+ books later and it remains my favorite child.

So, coming full circle, Carrie’s Answer is now available IN PRINT, and the finale of that trilogy, Daniel’s Surrender, is finally available in its ebook second edition HERE.

I hope you’ll love these labors of our heart as much as Sierra and I do!


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