Picking up Dog Waste

So, I’ve been pretty generous in sharing the misery of my day job. Okay, *extremely* generous. So I decided to share a bit of the joy today.

So, I sent out an email this morning: “Just 35 minutes until I never, ever, ever have to see my horrific 3rd hour again, ever.”

A few minutes later my big sister sent this response: “You know those pop up ads for new careers that come up on the right side when you open an email? Well, the two career suggestions on your email were for pastorial counseling services and picking up dog waste.”

Best. Ads. EVER!

I’m sure the reality of my situation will have hit by this time next week, but for tonight I’m just going to coast on the almost-free-at-last-ness.



  1. Look on the bright side, as a pooper-scooper you would be in the great outdoors and have lots of free mind-time. You would be able to plot books all day. Of course your love of dogs might diminish.

  2. LOL! They’re actually opening a dog park within walking distence of my house somewhere around the end of the month, so it might be a valid option!

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