Gender Identity: We’re questioning the RELEVANCY of this? REALLY???

So, I’ve mentioned the Old Dude’s addiction to Fox News. Every so often I hear something that makes me perk my ears up and take notice. Tonight that something was a news story about the *controversy* regarding the Queer as Porn: Film Screening and Lecture at Massachusetts’ Williams College.

What really torqued my chain was listening to these “well-educated” young adults questioning the educational and social value of discussing gender identity. Particularly in light of the oh-so-many kerfuffles, tempests and downright tsunami’s in the m/m reading and writing community¬† over the last six or eight months.

I’ve stayed quiet for the most part – largely because I don’t want to open my uninformed mouth and say something inadvertently hurtful again. But seeing this news story – which was presented as “purely informational” and with no espoused opinion on the part of the reporter – served as a reminder to me that by staying silent, sometimes we become every bit as guilty as the active, vocal oppressor.

So, I’m going to look at some really pretty pictures of Jiz Lee (and strongly recommend the Your Daily Dose of Jiz tumblr – there’s an AMAZING quote from Jiz on the process of coming out – sometimes over and over and over…), then settle down with LA Witt’s Static, which has been on my TBR practically since it came out!

That would be Jiz in front. Gorgeous and charismatic, no?

Winner – Best Bisexual/Transgender Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy
Honorable Mention, 9th – Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel

Lambda Award FINALIST
Transgender Fiction & LGBT Science Fiction/Fantasy

Have an awesome, tolerant, peaceful and accepting weekend!



  1. Were you actually expecting something better from Faux News? pffft, not going to happen in this lifetime.

    • Oh, no. I’m just hoping that occasionally those of us kept captive by the King of the Remote can take note and use it as a “teachable moment”!

      • Wheeew, so glad I don’t have to think evil things about you! Crack that whip girl!

    • Nope. The Old Dude’s a Fox addict – though I’ve managed to get him to switch to CNN when Shep’s on. Cuz that man makes my skin CRAWL!

      I’ll say, though, they’ve done several stories over the last few months that have either become blog posts or plot bunnies for me. Conflict breeds creativity…

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