It’s Done! It’s Done!

Okay, not really. But I *have* finished the veeery rough first draft of what I’m calling “Happy Birthday to Me”, the prequel to Melting in which Ryan, celebrating his 21st birthday, literally falls into the lap of the Dom who will change his life forever.

It’s very rough, like I said, but it’s got a beginning, middle and end, which (based on how prolific I am NOT) is a huge deal!

So, here’s a pic that kinda fits the scene. Enjoy!



  1. Good job VJ! Now let’s hurry it through edits so we common folks can read it.

    • Heh, My first critique told me to stick a fork in it and send it to my editor already. I’m gonna give it a couple days to “set” (like jello, lol) then do one more pass on it. I’m hoping to submit by the weekend…

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