WIP Snark

Well, with the holiday, I’ve missed the last couple of Saturdays. I’m back, though, with shiny new snark from a shiny new WIP. Last summer I did a free read for the Goodreads “Hot Summer Days” anthology, called Liar, Liar. In it you met Tim and Rio, a couple goth guys who’d had a hook-up a while ago, and were finally ready to admit they both wanted more. A lot of people wanted more of their story, so I’m doing another free read, this one for the Coffee and Porn Anniversary Celebration, that describes their initial hook-up. These boys are a little too snarky for their own good!

“C’mon, Princess.” He couldn’t suppress a little smirk when Tim rolled his eyes.

“Keep it up and I will go all princess on you and kick your arrogant ass out.” As much as Rio didn’t want to believe it, something lurking under the humor in Tim’s eyes hinted that he was serious.

“You don’t wanna do that, though,” he murmured, taking another step, so close now he could feel the heat of Tim’s body. “You want me to stay and take you up on all those promises you were making at the club.” He put his hands on the wall on either side of Tim’s head and balanced there, not quite touching. Tim had tipped his head back to keep eye contact, and it exposed the line of his throat. Rio smothered a little moan at the memory of how that skin tasted, how the faintest, almost soft stubble felt against his tongue. “You want me to fuck you.” He smiled when Tim’s eyes dilated, warm brown almost lost in black. “Dontcha—” he put one hand on the wall by Tim’s head “—Princess?”

He saw the instant Tim gave in; saw it in the slow blink of big brown eyes, in the sinking of teeth into that plush lower lip.

“Bastard.” But Tim was fisting a handful of Rio’s shirt and yanking him down, slamming them together with that strength that kept surprising Rio, so he could call him whatever he wanted.

I know I’ve posted this pic a zillion times (okay, maybe 4 or 5) but I love it just that much, and it captures the mood of the scene so perfectly. So, here’s candy!



Don’t forget to check Marie Sexton’s blog for all your snarky needs!



  1. Has good potential for expansion. Do you expect to publish as a novel or just a short story?

    • The (very tentative) plan is to (eventually, in all my spare time *snort*) pick up after Liar, Liar and work through to the HEA. This’ll be a short, though. I’m loving Rio and Tim. They’re both so mouthy (in all the best ways, lol).

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