A Little Snark…

For post 101 (ye gods!), here’s ANOTHER Christmas prezzie – SNARK!

This teeny exchange is from “Violet’s” m/m/f menage, Something to Talk About. Texas Ranger Jon and retired rodeo rider Wyatt have had their eye on pretty nursing student Randi Lee for a while – when her boyfriend cheats, Randi ends up spending the night with the guys while waiting for him to clear out of her house. Having Randi Lee, Wyatt, and some liquor all in once place is a little too relaxing for Jon, who lets slip their desires, leading Randi to flee to her own, lonely bedroom.

“What’s come over you, dumb-ass?” Wy’s voice echoed Jon’s thoughts.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. A case of verbal diarrhea?”

This be the Cover

THIS be a hot, nekked cowboy… Just cuz I loves ya’ll!

Something to Talk About is available now from Liquid Silver Books!

Keep the fun going – check out all the awesome snark floating around out there by stopping by Marie Sexton’s blog and clicking the linkies!



  1. Loves you too! Thanks for the nekkid cowboy. Got any more?

    • He *is* purty, ain’t he?

      Ya’ll will just have to stay tuned to the 12 Days for more!

      And, oh – Yesterday was The Old Dude’s birthday and I thought of you, Nancy, because my sister made a chocolate pie! lol

      • Hot Damn! Chocolate pie! Wish I had a piece right now.

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