Paranormal Snark!

This snark is from a WIP that Sierra and I have been sitting on for a while. It’s set in the same universe as Longfellow Seduced (which you can’t get right now, but will be coming – hopefully early in 2012 – from Ellora’s cave with a smokin’ hot new cover). Ariana is one of the Longfellow women – a Historian whose job it is to catalog the various supernatural “species” the Longfellow women police. Only right now she’s on vacation. So imagine her surprise when two uber-hot MERMEN appear on the beach practically at her feet! 

Jax and Ky are twins. Happy-go-lucky Jax has a fascination with all things human; one that gets him in all sorts of trouble, including being swamped by an asshole in a Ski-Doo. Ky comes swimming to the rescue, but gets a little… distracted when he finds Ariana before he finds Jax.

“Dude,” a new voice broke the tension of the moment, jerking both their attention to the formerly unconscious male draped across the sand.  “Where’s the fucking Ski-doo that ran me over?”  Glowing turquoise eyes flicked from Ky’s face to his erect cock and then to the woman kneeling at his feet.  “And should I be pissed that, instead of fixing my fucking head, you’re busy getting yours polished?”


Ariana jumped at the interruption.  Her Merman’s voice was just as compelling as his… tail.  Lightly accented and velvety, it sounded as golden as his skin.  As she watched, he cast his eyes down over the lower half of his body and let out a soft curse.  He pushed up on lean, muscular arms and looked back up at Mr. Broody.

“Shit,” he was shaking his head, and ropes of gold hair, dark with water, slid over wide shoulders.  He held up one broad palm.  Ari breathed in sea and spice and couldn’t drag her attention from his long, thick fingers.  She couldn’t believe it.  Here she was, faced with the discovery of a lifetime, and all she could think about was how those fingers would feel tunneling into her suddenly steaming pussy.

“I know,” he continued.  “I was too close to the shore.  I need to stay farther away from the humans.  I’m going to expose us all, and Dad’ll have a whale.”  His words had the sound of an often repeated argument.  “But,” he added shaking a finger at the dark god who continued to hold her trapped, inches from his gently swaying arousal, “I’m not the one about to shove my…” he sent her an apologetic smile that almost had her coming then and there, “throbbing man-hood into the nearest luscious little human mouth I found.”


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