But it’s so much faster to tweet…

Yes. I have caved. I now tweet. You can find me at VJsSmut. Or maybe #VJsSmut. I’m not sure the lingo yet. And in two short days, my one objection to twitter has been proven sound.

It. Is. An. Enormous. Time. Suck.

Yeah, it’s faster to tweet – but then I spend an hour catching up on everyone else’s tweets, and then half an hour replying and/or retweeting, and then I’ve got to check and see who’s replied to me…

Time. Suck.

I’m well and truly addicted, though, so I imagine there’ll be an hour or so whenever I can carve it out dedicated to the twitting. Tweeting. Ya know…

Here’s a happy thought in the mean time!

G’night, everyone 🙂


1 Comment

  1. I am standing firm, no twitting. I just can’t imagine what is so interesting about knowing someone’s every move and who in the world would want to know I’ve moved from the bed to my recliner after going outside to get the mail. Boring!! I’m not implying that your life is boring but really there is a reason they call it the “mundane details”

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