I’m not political, but…

FUCK you, Michelle Bachman. Fuck you with a rusty metal file.

So, the old dude looooves Fox News. Yeah, I know. This afternoon as I’m busily editing away the words “gay marriage” catch my attention. Michelle Bachman was being questioned by Chris Wallace about a comment she made to a high school student at an Iowa town hall meeting. The young lady said that, if Bachman believes EVERYONE should have the same rights and privileges, then shouldn’t that apply to gay marriage. Bachman said, very sincerely, “Gays have the same right to get married as anyone else. A woman has the right to marry a man, and a man has the right to marry a woman.”

I’m so offended I can’t even think of anything to say. Except FUCK you, Michelle Bachman, by Big Bertha with a baseball bat making you her bitch.



1 Comment

  1. When Michelle Bachman opens her mouth you can be sure that what falls out is not of intelligent or even thoughtful intent. Can she please just go away or at least sew her lips together.

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