New Release!

I’m thrilled, excited, and more than a little anxious about the release of my Ellora’s Cave Quickie, Melting!

Ryan is Thomas’ golden boy, his submissive. His beautiful. As hot, as vibrant and pliant, as the wax Thomas enjoys pouring on Ry’s glistening skin.

Tonight, for your pleasure as well as his own, Thomas invites you to watch as he rewards his beautiful with a mesmerizing wax play scene, proving his lust and love with each colorful layer. Until Ryan is lost in subspace, soaring, moaning…melting.

Buy it HERE!

I love this story. It flowed from the Muse to the keyboard with very little input from me. That’s probably why I’m anxious. It’s a very isolated scene, Thomas and Ryan are a long-established couple doing a public scene as a sort of celebration and reaffirmation of their relationship. It’s entirely in Master Thomas’ point of view, which I’m afraid will keep some readers from connecting. And there aren’t a lot of waxplay stories out there – at least not that I’ve found. Sierra and I wrote one, Velvet Memories, for LSB, and it’s selling, but it’s a narrative with a beginning, middle and end. Melting is a moment in the life of these two complicated, passionate men… So, here’s hoping that the readers are as intrigued with Master Thomas and Ryan as I am. I’d love to see more from them!



  1. I loved these men and their story. Relax, sweetie … ya done good. [wink]

    • You always make me feel good. You are like human Xanax, without the drowsies! Muwah!

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