To Snark, or Not To Snark…

With nods to Marie Sexton, who woke this monster and Anne Tennino, whose blog I follow and who unknowingly prodded me into playing to, here’s more Saturday Snark. This is from “Violet’s” most recent installment in The Queens of Merab, Nuriel’s Cougar. Nuriel and her First Consort, Wolf Lord Ze’ev, have just arrived in the Feline Lands, where Nuriel will find her next Consort from among the Feline people. Ze’ev isn’t adjusting well…

Ze’ev sneezed for the fourth time. “Great Mother I’m allergic to these people.” He scrubbed his skin harder trying to remove any traces of the woman who’d try to climb all over him. “Why does everything smell so damn sweet?”

He growled when Nuriel giggled, moving across the pool of water she playfully splashed him. “I smell nothing out of the ordinary.”

He wished he didn’t feel so damn tense, there would be no relaxation for him this night. “Maybe she left her scent imprinted on me.” He still felt nauseous; the feline woman had been nothing more than a predator behind a pretty face. It dripped off her like the worst perfume and it had taken everything in him not to push her away the second she laid her cheek on him.

Nuriel grabbed his shoulders and squeezed them. “Don’t worry consort I would have ripped her face off if she’d touched anything other than your arm.”

 Nuriel’s Cougar is available now HERE at Changeling Press.

Marie’s Snark du Jour is HERE. God, I *love * Jared and Matt!


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