Saturday Snark

Love this idea – and hopefully it’s simple enough that even *I* can keep up with it! So my first Snark comes from the most recent Violet Summers release, Velvet Memories, a Scene from Velvet Ice, available now at Liquid Silver Books.

Three hours and a frozen pizza later, Rob was sprawled out next to him. Somehow those long legs were stretched the length of the couch, size thirteen feet draped over Michael’s legs.

Michael cast a surreptitious look up the length of Rob’s thighs. They were thick and muscular, and Michael had to force himself to look away before his gaze reached the place where they joined because Rob. Wasn’t. Gay.

“That wasn’t bad.” Rob stretched arms overhead, long body taut and way too tempting for Michael’s peace of mind.

“Totally inaccurate, but not bad.” Michael busied himself with the remote; anything to distract himself from the way Rob’s Henley had pulled up during his stretch, baring a slice of lean belly.

“Inaccurate how?” Rob looked interested. He also looked like he wasn’t thinking of moving any time soon.

“Well, the war lasted years, not weeks. Agamemnon didn’t die. Oh, and Patroclus was Achilles’ lover, not his cousin.”

Rob blinked slowly, then blinked again and seemed to notice the way he was draped all over Michael and the couch, and sat up with a jerk.

“Okay, that’s just stupid,” he argued. “They were warriors, not queers.” He flushed and shot Michael a sideways look. “No offense.”

Michael hadn’t “come out” at school or anything, but he hadn’t hidden his orientation, either. Yeah, he’d dealt with some bullying, some asshole-ish behavior from the other kids, but whatever. If the dickheads weren’t giving him shit because he was gay, they were picking on Patty Jakway because she was fat. Or Phil Matthews because he was just too fucking weird to exist. Michael had never got a homophobic vibe from Rob in the past, but then he hadn’t really spent any time with him, either. And it would definitely make sense for a popular jock like Rob to gay bash–even if it was only verbally. So maybe his voice was a little more bitter than it needed to be when he answered.

“Right. A bunch of warriors, stuck a long way from home for years. No women– another inaccuracy–‘cuz there wouldn’t have been all those women around. No way to get off but their own hands.” Rob’s flush grew darker with every word Michael spoke, and something in Michael loved it, reveled in the bigger guy’s discomfort. “And did you watch the scene where they’re sparring? That wasn’t cousinly eye contact, dude.”


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  1. because Rob. Wasn’t. Gay.

    Ah yes, because I suppose the periods make it true, eh? LOL

    • I think you’re on to something there – periods *and* italics – that makes it doubly true, right?

  2. Love it! That last line is excellent.

    • I watched that scene four or five times myself during the writing of the book and every single time I expected Brad Pitt and the dude playing Patroclus to rip each other’s clothes off! (And why, oh, why didn’t they???)

  3. Very cool! Thanks so much for joining in!

    • I figure if I do four or five of ’em in advance, I might actually keep up with it for a while! lol

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