Where in the World is VJ Summers?!?

Yes, boys and girls, I’ve gone “walkabout”. Not on purpose, it’s just that life picked up speed, and I couldn’t keep up… So, where I’ve been is right here – nursing the old dude through another nasty chest cold, loving on the kitties, checking out the kiddo’s senior pictures… Working my considerable fanny off…

The question is: where will I be???

This weekend I’ll be in Akron at Ellora’s Cave’s third annual RomantiCon, hanging out with the other half of Violet, the fabulouso ladies from TwoLips Reviews and those hot-assed Cavemen!

NEXT weekend I’ll be in New Orleans (can you say VJ’s fantasy trip?) for the first annual GayRomLit.

Hey, if I *have* to be 40, I’m damned well gonna enjoy it!


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