A Day Late… And a Dollar Short… And a Bare Butt!!

But then, I do ::everything:: short. Can’t help it. My growth stalled at 5′ 3/4″. And, dammit, I claim that 3/4 inch!

So, the power’s been out. Again. I’m starting to count on it every time I see a cloud in the sky. Thank God for the generator – I just spent over $200 on groceries for the big fall cook ‘n freeze. Today was fake homemade clam chowder in the crockpot. Yum.

So, in celebration of the lack of power, the yummy clam chowder, and the fact that we had a beautiful day, here’s belated Mancandy!


Maybe if *he* was in my basement, I’d be that happy to do laundry, too!