Maintaining Radio Silence

It’s been a rough week. Probably the roughest of the summer. Which isn’t saying *too* much, as it’s been a pretty good summer over all. Still. I find that, for good or ill, on the rough days/weeks/months I tend to isolate. Read a lot. Sleep even more.  So, I’ve been isolating all week. Written a little, read a lot, slept like the dead. Hoping I’m on the depression upswing…



  1. Sorry you had a rough week. [hugs] We need to get together for lunch again. Love you.

  2. Somewhat less miserable today – watched baseball with the old man (I’m such a dork!). The power was out when I got home yesterday (again – gah), and it was almost a relief to *not* be able to use the computer. Sorta forced decompression.

    Love you back – and lunch absolutely. XO

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