VJ and the horrible, terrible, not good, awful day.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.

But still.

I woke with the kind of headache that is *usually* cured by the second cup of coffee, but today was oddly resistant. Like, hours later I was still massaging my forehead.

Then the work stuff. Not my EDJ, thank God, or I’d most likely be contemplating taking the whole bottle of Clonipin rather than just half a tablet. But, still. The kind of stuff that reminds me of why I always say I’d be best off either on a desert island with nothing but my laptop, my Nook, and a reliable power source. *Then* the double edged sword of critique. It was most definitely stuff I needed to hear, but on top of the day… Well, I wish I’d heard it yesterday. Or tomorrow. Now I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the other three to come back. Do I suck? Everything today has conspired to tell me my writing sucks…

Of course there’s been good stuff. One of the on-line jobs is looking extremely promising – and looking to start before the end of the week. Nuriel is a hair away from being finished. The “stuff” today derailed me a bit, but I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow. I’m extremely happy with where it’s at – just got some voodoo on the wedding night, to finish the final scene, and to re-write a page or two that somehow got sucked into Yahell.

Sigh. Cue the violin chorus. And I’d like medium cheddar and cracked pepper crackers with that whine, thank you very much.


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