Cowboys & Aliens

With a title like that, it either had to be amazing… or amazingly BAD. But then, put Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in a movie together, and it almost doesn’t matter whether or not it sucks. Not with all that eye candy!

I’m not sure if you can appreciate the full yummy-deliciousness of Daniel Craig’s ass in the movie poster, so here’s another view:

Of course, the front view isn’t too shabby, either. And, I gotta say, who knew such an odd looking man could be SO FUCKING HOT?!?! And it just made him hotter, IMO, when all the “Daniel Craig was spotted macking on some dude in the parking lot of a gay bar” stuff came out (pun SO intended!).

Yep. Cowboys & Aliens. It was a good day…

Oh – and I did mention Harrison Ford’s in it, too, right?

**I’ll say also that, for a movie called Cowboys & Aliens, it was surprisingly good – there was some actual emotional depth and some painfully funny moments, and whatever critic it was who said their only complaint was that Craig and Ford didn’t share more screen time was spot on, cuz their chemistry was off da hook!**



  1. O. M. G. Daniel Craig is wearing chaps (drool, whimper, drool). He was caught macking on a guy? I’m so not up on gossip. Love the visual of that running in my head…. I’ve always thought Daniel Craig was freaking hot.

    • Yeah, there were rumors about him making out with some guy at a gay bar. Sigh… I’d actually forgotten just HOW hot he is until C&A. Watching him climb in those tight britches. Holy God, and YUM!

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