Wednesday Whine – two days late

Head lice. Need I say more?

(Other than to rush to say *I’m* not the one with the lice – just the one stuck “nit picking”!)



  1. We battled lice for almost 6 months at my daughters school. I love these products from Ginesis. The Lice trap mousse shampoo and the Nit free mint spray finally did the trick, and they are all natural. I hated re-treating with pesticide shampoos and these finally did the trick. Good Luck!
    Their web site is

    • THANK YOU!!! I’ve been itching like crazy all day, even though there’s absolutely no sign of them on me anywhere. Even asked my chiropractor to look at my hair this morning – Egads, how the mighty have fallen! I like the idea of natural stuff.

      My best friend from forever ago, who lives in Houston, is battling them with her seven year old, too. We spent last night commiserating via text as we each de-nittified our girls for hours and hours and hours…

      • Even writing about ’em my scalp itches 🙂 The problem in S. FL is so bad we even have “salons” where they will de-lice your hair. 65$, two hours under halogen lights and you are absolutely clean. That is where I discovered the Ginesis products. We faithfully re-treated with the mousse and used the mint spray daily for about 6 weeks before we were absolutely sure everyone in her class was clean. ALOT of education with the 8 y/o about not sharing anything, keeping her hair in a pony-tail, no hugging……. not to mention all the loads of laundry, bagging the stuffed animals……
        Good luck to both of you, and absolutely love your work, has kept me entertained while I’ve been on bed rest these past few weeks.

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