Thursday Things – sweet, sweet kisses

One of the things I miss most about being NOT single is kissing. Just hours of cuddling and making out until you feel like you can’t catch your breath, and you really don’t want to because that would mean you have to stop kissing for at least long enough to drag in some oxygen. Of course, the catch is you need to be with someone who is a GOOD kisser. Now, I haven’t kissed a cadre of boys, but I’ve only experienced one or two spectacular kissers, which is a tragedy, in my opinion.  One was in high school (go figure) and that was because all we were doing was kissing, so we got pretty darned good at it. The other was a relationship that coulda-shoulda-woulda lasted if we’d met maybe a year later when we were both a tad bit more mentally stable. Man, we spent the entire Super Bowl making out one year. And it wasn’t meant to lead to anything else, and that made it even sweeter – to go home with that ache and anticipation of next time… So, this week’s Thursday Things is Kisses:

And then there’s that moment just before the kiss… Sigh…

And neck kissing…

And, of course, the kissing afterwords that just says thanks for being fantastic and making me feel so damned good.

Yeah. I miss kissing.


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