Monday ManCandy…

So, I’ve spent hours and hours and HOURS typing isbn’s into Powells used books and Amazon trying desperately to thin the literally hundreds (likely 1000+) of books living in my parents’ basement. I’ve had some success – yay me – more than our “buck a bag” at the garage sale Saturday. (Can you say dehydration and nasty sun-headache? I knew you could!)  So, I’m posting a guy I think of as “Mr. Steampunk-Meets-Sexy-Librarian-Kinda.” He’s definitely pretty and, to me at least, rather intriguing… Enjoy!

A little side note: I *attempted* to post this two Monday’s ago, but couldn’t for the life of me find the image. Which was the very first saved pic in my “Coffee and Porn” folder. Don’t bother asking what my malfunction was – at this point even *I* couldn’t say!  So, after much searching, I found the following “book” picture, which is equally hot, if a little less naked… So enjoy a double dose of hot, LITERATE, sexy men!

I would SO spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon with him, a pot of coffee, and my Nook. (Not to mention some nookie…)


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