Thursday Things: Blog-Hopping (or “I’ve Got a Crush on You”)

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered the blog “I’m Just Thorny” via the three am follow. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Thorny and his Jazz so much over the last couple of weeks; going back through old posts, eagerly awaiting new ones. (It’s my reward – I get 5-6 posts a night if my writing is all caught up)

Thorny is about as positive and bouncy (and positively bouncy, lol) as it gets, and reading his blog has reminded me of several things I’d forgotten working where I do.

1. Being a young man doesn’t mean you have to be a butt-head.

2. Being a young gay man doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch. (My out loud voice accidentally told someone at work last week that he wasn’t pretty enough to be that much of a bitch. Yep. Time for vacation. Or Xanax.)

3. Being a young gay man (or an older gay man, or just a gay man in general) doesn’t mean you have to automatically be a man-ho who humps anyone or thing that stands still long enough.(This is an ongoing argument I have with my writing partner…)

4. Oh. My. God. Your sexual orientation is a huge deal, but it’s not ALL of who you are. (Easy for my babies to forget – every single one of them identifies by who they’re having sex with – or not having sex with as the case may be).

Seriously. I’ve been repeatedly surprised by how mature Thorny is, how in touch with his feelings and who he is, he is. (Hell, I’m twice his age and not nearly as comfortable in my own skin!). And he’s so fricking FEARLESS in his posts. Again, maybe when I grow up I’ll be that brave. I have a total fan-girl crush – on Thorny, AND on Jazz.

You can find his blog here.  And for a little taste of Thorny’s writing ability, here’s his entry to the Goodreads Hot Days of July thingy. (I’ll mention that, omigod, this is SO Slow Bloom by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox!)

I believe it’s a photo by Dan Skinner

Dear Author,

Everyone keeps telling me I’m too young to really know what I want or who I am yet. Give it time, don’t be rash. But it’s all just noise — just blah blah blah — when I see him.

He’s older, wiser, experienced and he makes me melt every time he looks at me. He’s what I want and his boyfriend is who I am. Well, I’m hoping that’s where tonight will lead, anyway. I’m going to do my damnedest to seduce him, to show him I can give him the sweet and tender I’m betting he needs.

He spends his days being tough and confident, but I know there’s a marshmallow angel inside him. I can take care of him. I can. Even if I’ve never done anything like this before. I have to try.

Sincerely, Thorny

You might also check out the blog 2 Boys In Love. Equally interesting, thought provoking, and inspiring.



  1. Hi, VJ! Thanks for the kind words about little ol’ me 🙂 Glad I can be part of your reward system too! Jazz is part of mine 😉 Did you see that P.D. Singer snagged my story prompt up there? It’s all so exciting! And I saw you got one too 😉 It’s going to be an awesome anthology. Thanks again and see you ’round the blogosphere!

    • I just bet Jazz is part of yours! LOL

      I’ve been a Goodreads member for a while, but I tend to avoid social networking, cuz I’d never do anything else. So, this is my first big “join” thing that I’ve done. I can’t wait to see what P.D. does with your picture. And I can’t wait to see what Kate Sherwood does with mine! I think the story I’m writing is going to take place at Candyland, the club in my EC novella. There was a rather intriguing Goth-Dangerous-DJ that worked there, and I can soooo see this being his story – or at least a little piece of it!

      ‘Kay – this comment is about to be as long as the original post!



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