You’ve Got Mail! Of course, it’s lost in cyberhell…

I have six email addresses. I check two of them – okay, three of them, but two come to my primary yahoo. account. There are Violet’s two addies, which Sierra pretty much has the run of. Luckily she forwards me most of the important stuff (like royalty statements) and interesting stuff (fan mail!). And, for most of our publishers, I get that stuff at my vj.summers address, too.
I have my super-secret identity address, which I check about once every six or seven weeks – I use it for one specific purpose, so I only check it when I KNOW something is likely to be there. I have my work email, which I check daily – MANY times daily – when I’m working, but pretty much not at all when I’m not working. That’s the big, long, ugly addy. I also have a gmail that I never use, but have so I can have iGoogle and play floodit, and use it to sign in and leave blog comments. It’s a long one – vjsummerswritessmut@gmail – but somewhat makes sense, I think. But I don’t use it, so that doesn’t really matter.
So, the point of my whine is this: none of my “social” email addresses are difficult. So why in HELL do people keep messing them up? People who’ve been successfully emailing me for months – even years in some cases. People who should know better. My primary, personal addy has nothing but letters. No dashes, no dots, no underscores. Just letters. And it hasn’t changed in something like five years. So why, suddenly in the last three months am I missing email – important email, like contracts and cover art, because a random dash has suddenly appeared? Not okay! And, in one notable and important instance, even though I’ve repeatedly emailed the correct addy, I’m still not getting stuff. And
it’s stuff that’s NOT going to either of Violet’s emails, so even if I WAS checking there, I wouldn’t get it.
And another thing. How do people with multiple addies keep up with them all? My sister has FIVE and she checks all of them numerous times a day. AND she works part time, and spends all sorts of time with our mom, and takes care of three high-maintainence dogs and two cats…
I can barely keep up with home and work. And I try REALLY hard to stay off most social sites, because I have no self control and would end up spending all my time playing. I don’t have time for all my obligations, let alone time to play.
How do people do it?

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  1. You have to cut a few of them out I have 3 and can’t keep up….

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