Monday ManCandy: Goodreads Hot July Days Edition

  Goodreads is taking pictures for their story a day thingy from now until the end of May. This was my photographic offering and      set-up. I’m THRILLED that the talented Kate Sherwood (just read and loved Shying Away) has taken their story on!

Dear Author,

I’ve known him for ages.

Forever, really. Or, at least since the first day of kindergarten, when he stole my Lego’s, then shared his cookies with me when he realized he’d made me cry.

He was my best friend. The first person I came out to. My entire support system in high school when no one would come near me for feel of catching “gay cooties” or AIDS.

He’s the guy I gave my virginity to. The guy who taught me to fuck. The guy who taught me to be safe. He doesn’t know it, but he’s also the guy who taught me to make love.

I’m the guy he goes home with when there’s no better prospect at the club.

It was never supposed to be serious. I knew that, I even wanted that. I’m the one who broke the rules.

So, dear author, how do I watch him go home night after night with the pretty boy – or man – du jour, when all I want is for him to come home with ME, and to stay?


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