I have drunk the Tumblr Kool-Aide

I blame Marie Sexton.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m addicted to Sexton and Cullinan’s Coffee and Porn Blog.  If you like nekkid men – really HAPPY nekkid men enjoying ladies, enjoying themselves and enjoying each other – often graphically – goest thou there soonest.

So, anyway, at the bottom of the blog, Marie and Heidi’s latest tweets are posted.  I do not tweet. Hell, blogging is almost more than I can stand. But I do it cuz I loves you (all three of you who read this). And cuz I find I’m actually working shit out in my head, and since blogging, I’m almost productive as an author again.

I digress.

Periodically, I’ll click on one of the tweet links – particularly if I see O.M.G!!! or the like. Or, lately, if I see tumblr in the url. But you need a tumblr account to see tumblr accounts. And, dammit, I NEEDED to see mmmcandy. Or mmcandy. Whatever.

So I joined. And found Heidi’s account. Why did I not find Marie’s first? No clue. But there Heidi’s was, filled with beautiful men, beautiful women, beautiful landscapes, ballerinas, abstract brilliance. Just. Wow.

Then I found Marie’s. And remember that O.M.G!!!? Well, dayam. Where in the Hell Marie finds the stuff she does… Well, let’s just say my eyes have been opened. My writing inspired. My stock in Duracell soaring. Really.

Here’s a G rated sample from Heidi’s account – she’s got as many PG and G pics as others (this is in honor of last week’s lawn mowing odyssey):

It’s from that Ihazcheezburgernow (or whatever – it’s LOL cats) site originally.

And, because it’s as necessary as air (actually necessary FOR air):

Now, here’s a PG sample from Marie’s. Somehow I can’t bring myself to post the NC17 and XXX pics. Maybe cuz I haven’t learned how to hide ’em yet. Anyway, here’s a very pretty boy from Marie’s collection:

This would be the linky-poo: via-uomini-homines-mc3a4nner-men-homens.jpg

As of now, I have nothing posted. I’m not nearly creative enough – nor do I have time to become creative enough. Check back at my tumblr this summer. Maybe I’ll have my shit together by then.

Meantime, go. Haunt Heidi and Marie’s tumblrs. Check out cookietime, mmm-candy, and thethirdtimestnecharm. It is sooooo worth the time!


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