When Drugs Are GOOD…

To update my Wednesday Whine – the Old Dude’s on day two of coming home early – Thank GOD! He’s also on day two of Mucinex (which is a gift from God) and he ate… TWICE today! So there’s happiness in the House of Plague.

So, my THING for today is Tylenol Allergy, Multi-Symptom.

Why, you ask?

I mowed today. The first mowing of the year, plowing through about a foot and a half of heavy, wet grass, and by the time I was done my eyes were swollen, my nose was itching, I couldn’t stop sneezing, and pretty much my entire body feels like bugs are crawling under my skin. That’s right. It’s hay-fever season!

Okay, so I was searching images for “sexy men mowing” and found this lovely man. The partial caption led me to believe “mowing” is some sort of arcane sex-slang I haven’t been able to find on google.

So, I continued my search. I mean, really. I don’t mind being the chief mower here. I don’t shovel or rake, so I can do the mowing. But as my head is threatening to explode, it would be nice to at least fantasize, right?

Well, this isn’t the type of fantasy I was thinking of:

Frankly, I find it rather disturbing.

Now THIS is more like it…

It’s worth noting – you find some weird-assed stuff when you do a google image search for “men mowing the lawn”. Just sayin’. (Of course, looking at it a week later, seems more like he’s using one of those metal detector thingies than a weed whacker – heh, heh, I said “whacker” – which is what I’d originally thought).


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