But I WANNA Overshare!

There are things that don’t belong on the internet. There are times when venting my spleen in public is unprofessional and downright trashy. There are things that are nobody’s business except the parties involved, and things that piss me off that aren’t particularly my business either. Knowing all of this really sucks because, dammit, there are times when all I want in the world is to overshare!

The problem, of course, is that by being vocal, I paint a target on my own forehead. I open myself up for close scrutiny. If I “go on the attack” when I feel wronged, I’m inviting anyone I’ve ever irked to put me in their cross-hairs. There’s waaaaaay too much glass in my house for me to go around throwing stones.

So, I’ll sit here and stew in my own outrage, be all offended, and then man up (always interesting since I’m decisively female) and just fricking get over it.

Or at least pretend to get over it.


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