A Few of my Favorite Things….’

I love erotic romance. My current (for the last several years) kink is m/m romance. My tagline is “if one naked man is good, two must be better”, and I truly believe it!

I have to agree, though, that since m/m has started gaining in popularity, a lot of crappy m/m romance is getting pub’d. A. Lot. And, since I’m po (I’m too poor to afford the other “o” and the “r”), I’m pretty darned picky about finding new authors. So, here are my top ten favorite m/m writers:

ZA Maxfield – writing that’s deep, multi-layered and authentic – love her!

Madeline Urban and Abigail Roux – Cut & Run is good, Sticks & Stones is great and Fish & Chips is superb!

Amy Lane – her fantasy stories are good, but IMO, Lane truly shines writing contemporary – Keeping Promise Rock? Beautiful!

Heidi Cullinan – what more can I say than OMG!!! I’ve yet to read a Cullinan book I haven’t liked, and I’ll add dayam, she writes some hot shit!

Marie Sexton – you haven’t read her yet? WTF??? Get thee to Dreamspinner Press NOW!

Aleksandre Voinov – amazing wordsmith, and can make me love his characters even as they’re bitterly disappointing me and breaking each others hearts.

KA Mitchell – at her best, she’s brilliant; at her weakest, she’s still pretty damned good!

Jordan Castillo Price – love it all, but I may never end my love affair with Wild Bill and Michael.

James Buchanan – must write FASTER! I need a Nicky fix!

Anah Crow & Dianne Fox – love pretty much all their stuff – both separate and together. Slow Bloom’s my all time favorite, though (although I have to imagine Ricky as maybe 23-ish, cuz the age diff is more May/February than May/December – still it’s an amazingly beautiful, amazingly HOTT story!)

There are many more I could name – Ava, Stephani, Bonnie, Ethan’s 1&2… Sean M., TC B (not to be mistaken for TCBY, which is also sweet and addictive)… They all grace my auto-buy list. They give me something to smile about when I’m stressed, inspiration when the well is dry, and some freaking awesome hot flashes, too.

Huh. I’m noticing a theme. A lot of my Thursday Things lately are centering around books. Go figure!


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