Liberty and justice for ALL?

I am not political. Not. Political. And I resent when society causes me to have to make a stand. I’d much rather hide in my books and my writing and let other, more eloquent and fired up people “carry the banner”. But, occasionally society is just too screwed up, and I’m forced to speak my mind in spite of myself. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I “ranted” about the Republican Party and its seeming desire to union bust at the expense of reasonable working conditions, and such is the case today as I’m shown a glaring example of discrimination due to sexual orientation.

Josh and Henry are one example of a prevalent problem, one that shames us as a society. Whether you are “anti-gay” or “pro-gay” – that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the law should protect everyone – black, white, purple, gay, straight – it doesn’t matter who or what you are. We separated church and state for a reason, and by continuously reinforcing religion-based prejudices, we’re betraying our Nations proclaimed moral code.

I’m not political, and I’m a Christian, and I believe discrimination is wrong. The law should apply to everyone, personal beliefs aside. When it doesn’t, we are all diminished.

Check this out:

Because they are gay, Josh can’t sponsor Henry’s visa to stay in the US even though they are legally married in the state of Connecticut. No one deserves to be taken away from the ones they love.

On May 6th, Henry faces deportation to Venezuela. If we don’t act, their family may be torn apart. The head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano has the power to stop the deportations, but it will take a massive public outcry to force her to stand up for Josh and Henry – and the 36,000 other families who face a similar fate.

Sign the petition to keep Josh and Henry together:


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