My baby isn’t PERFECT?!?!?!

Oh, the pain of editing. It’s bad enough to do it on my own. I’m one of those anal writers who bleeds over every single word I put on the page. It’s absolutely painful for me to go back through and revise stuff myself, but it’s downright excruciating to have someone else do it.

I’m lucky in that Sierra is gentle with me, and doesn’t change much of what I write. Of course, that just means I have to do it myself.

Of course, the whole “copy editing” thing isn’t so bad. After all, the mechanics of writing is my day job. And anal doesn’t even begin to describe the number of times I’ll go over a piece for grammar before turning it in. (It’s worth noting that even a “grammar expert” like myself makes errors – I think it’s impossible for anyone to completely catch all their mistakes. We see what we expect to see, and thus miss things on occasion.)

It’s the editing for content that kills me.

No parent likes to hear that their baby isn’t perfect, and no author likes to hear that their “baby” isn’t perfect. Not when we work and sweat and bleed making it as emotionally powerful as possible. And to me, it just makes it worse when I look at one of my stories and see that my beta reader, or editor, or reviewer is correct in their criticism.  It KILLS me that I didn’t hit a home-run on my first try.

That said. I’m working on edits for two of our previously released novels that are about to go into a second edition. There are significant changes in both stories – some Sierra and I pushed for, some that have us both spinning a little bit. I know we’ll make the changes. That really isn’t in question. The question is, how do we make the changes in such a way that we don’t compromise our vision for the stories, that still plays to our strengths and that doesn’t involve hours and pages of re-writing?

We’ll figure it out – we always, eventually do – but the process is bound to give us both hives for a while. And, oh God, what happens when it’s time to edit that one novel that I love beyond words? I’m already storing up the Xanax for that one!


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