Mmmm… Protein!

I’m always interested by how many authors I know who have had bariatric surgery.  It seems an inordinate number of us are either “sanity-challenged” (Me! Me!) or weight challenged (Me, too! Me, too!).  My mom recently lost quite a bit of weight – so much that she now weighs only about 7 lbs more than I do. This was enough to make me break out the Bob Green “Biggest Loser: Yoga for Weight Loss” dvd!

This is an awesome dvd, and I find that yoga is a great way to counteract the shoulder, back and neck issues I have after hours hunched over the computer.

Another thing that helps me with the whole healthy/fit thing is a high protein diet. That’s one of the main rules for bariatric patients: 60+ grams of protein a day (I aim for 40 and feel good if I make 35… which might explain the fatigue and anemia…)  Two great sources of protein I’ve found are Greek yogurt (Greek yogurt has double the protein of regular low fat yogurt), and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal – Honey/Almond/Flax Seed is my favorite. I can make a yummy Chobani Strawberry Yogurt and Kashi granola parfait and get a good 20 grams of protein (14 in the yogurt, another 6 from 2/3 cup Kashi).  Greek yogurt has a slightly sharper flavor than regular, but if you get a fruit on the bottom variety, it evens out.



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