Wednesday Wine…

I don’t have a lot to whine about today… It was an almost perfect day – slept in, read, took a nap, ate waffles… It rained steady so I finished “I Shall Wear Midnight,” the last Tiffany Aching story by Terry Pratchett. (You know you’ve been writing romance too long when you think Tiffany should have ended up with the Wintersmith instead of Roland. You know you’ve been writing m/m romance too long when you’d like to see the Wintersmith with Roland instead of Tiffany…) I also got to download Paris A to Z, the fourth Coda-related story from Marie Sexton. Buy it HERE. Really. Buy it.

But, if you haven’t already met the sexy boys from Coda, go back and start at the beginning with Promises – which was my first Marie Sexton book and was fricking amazing.  Luckily for me by the time I discovered Promises, she’d released A to Z and The Letter Z, so I didn’t have to wait, gnashing my teeth… Until Strawberries for Dessert which, to me, seemed like a very different type of book. Different as in “fresh” and “thank GOD she’s not writing the same story over and over again,” kind of way. And that’s what is so cool about the first four books in the series. They may share characters and some common story-lines, but they’re each very distinct stories – there’s some new, fresh element that keeps them from blending into one long, never-ending story. That said, I’d probably buy a long, never-ending story if Marie Sexton wrote it… I haven’t found anything of hers I haven’t liked so far…

So instead of a Wednesday Whine, I have Wednesday Wine, in honor of Cole, one of the recurring characters in the Coda stories. And this Wednesday’s wine is Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot. Because it goes with everything.


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  1. Thanks so much! I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the stories so far, and hope you like this one just as much. 😉

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