Thursday Things – Flood It

A couple of years ago a young man I work with borrowed my computer during lunch and started playing this game.

Now I’m not a gamer, I’m not a strategizer; I do my thing with words. But he left the window open on the computer when he left, and when I got bored on my break, I decided to fool around with it myself.

Several hours and dozens of games later, I had to admit it: I was hooked.

The concept of the game is simple – flood the playing board with one color (sorta like a one dimensional Rubix Cube) within a certain number of moves. For example, on the above board I’d hit dark blue, then yellow, then light blue, and so on. As I hit each color, it floods the previous squares. It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds. If I had this board

I’d likely choose light blue next, which would flood the red area with light blue, and open up access to the pink square at the top. Then I could choose pink, gaining access to the dark blue squares that were blocked off, then I could choose yellow… See? Addictive.

I can’t get Flood It on my Yahoo page, so I had to set up an iGoogle account. It was worth it. Now I have Flood It in all it’s Lab Pixie glory on my home page.

I don’t play it non-stop anymore. In fact, long periods of time will go by where I don’t play it at all. But when I’m especially tense, or my brain is buzzing to much to focus on anything (writing, work, you know, the usual), a few games of Flood It work as a great “palate cleanser.”

There are different sized boards, and different levels for players. I’m up to Skilled Pixie right now – I’d made it to Expert at one point, but somehow lost all my previous games 😦  There are also different versions of Flood It out there – some from Lab Pixies, some that are just random gaming sites. I like Lab Pixies because I could put it on my homepage and because of the cute graphics.

So, this week’s Thursday Thing is Flood It – brain candy and palate cleanser. Check it out!


  1. I am so many addictions already (especially with regard to the Internet) that I have to steer clear of all games. I enjoy Solitaire. I prefer a deck of real cards, but the computer version will do in a pinch.

    • Ack! I know! I try really hard not to get sucked in… but it’s a losing battle!

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