The MotorCity Storytellers

I’ve come to the conclusion that most writers – heck most artists – are slightly insane. I mean that in the clinical sense as well as the figurative sense. One of my frequent lines is that I wish I’d realized I was artistic back in high school so I could have enjoyed my angst more. Ha!

Writing is a solitary profession – unless you write with a partner, and then it’s still solitary for the greater part. And when you get a group of sensitive people in a solitary, creative profession that exposes them to all sorts of criticism and review… not to mention the family members who sneer and call what we write porn (hey, I’m all for porn, LOVE it, but it’s NOT what I write)… Well, is it any surprise so many of us are medicated? lol

So, the thing I’m most thankful for this week is my writing group. The MotorCity Storytellers came into being because I met the amazing Isabelle Drake at the 2009 RomantiCon, and we started talking about how the local writing groups we’d visited just weren’t a good fit for us. I said something like, yeah we should start our own (an idea that Tawny Taylor had long been promoting). Isabelle said something like, that would be so cool! Count me in if you do.

I was totally dumbfounded. I mean, Sierra and Tawny would sorta have to come – they’re my friends! But here’s this whole other person, a stranger, willing to hang out with me, too! (Okay, I’m making it all about me. Very likely Isabelle was coming to hang out with Tawny, whom she already knew. I’d like to think it was for me, though.)

That was the seed that became MotorCity Storytellers. We’ve got seven regular members – some of whom come over an hour each way! – and a couple of new faces we’re trying to lure into the fold. I cannot express how important this group has become to me. They’re an incredible resource for all things publishing, but more than that they’re a support system. When I was… injured… at work, no mama bear could have been more fierce than my writing sisters. When my mom began failing so rapidly, I didn’t have to go looking for hugs – man, Rosemary Gun gives excellent hugs, and has a great shoulder for crying on. I know I can turn to any one of these women and they’ll have my back and do whatever is in their power to help me out.

So my favorite thing this week, and many others, is the MotorCity Storytellers! Long may we write!

Much love to:

Sierra Summers


Tawny Taylor


Isabelle Drake


Stephani Hecht


Ava March/Evangeline Collins


Rosemary Gunn

and our newest member, the fabulous Bonnie Dee



  1. Of course I came to hang out with you too!

  2. Lubs you too partner…….

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