I am tired.

There it is. This week’s Wednesday Whine. I am so fricking tired of being so fricking tired. The day job is more soul sucking then usual. The mama drama has moved to frightening and never-before reached levels. My kid is… being a kid. All in all, I just wish for four or five more hours in each day during which I could sleep. Of course, as a coworker pointed out, I probably wouldn’t sleep. No, I’d find six other things that just HAD to be done.

Amusingly, I have several other, well thought out and personally meaningful Wednesday Whine topics. I’m just too tired to write about any of them.

So I must console myself with extra mancandy. I deserve it, and so do you…

So, how come when THEY are all tired, it’s sexy? When I’M all tired it’s just smeared make-up and bags under my eyes. SO not fair!


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