Thursday things, with props to CupOPorn

So, although I’m not Catholic, it has always seemed a nice gesture to give something up for Lent. Sort of a “Thanks for the brutal beating and crucifixion and all, God.” And I’ve always tried to give up something I’ll miss – that’s the point, isn’t it? – but something I know I actually CAN give up.

One year I tried to give up coffee. Yeah. Not so successful.  By the tenth day the folks at the EDJ were literally BEGGING me to cave. Things came to a head when a very sweet young lady brought me a cup of McDonald’s coffee, complete with cream and splenda, and said “Stop the insanity.”

So this year, and for the last several years, I’ve given up Starbucks. This will likely not mean anything to you unless you are an addict at the same level as I am.  You see, Starbucks isn’t just a cup of coffee. It’s a cup of REALLY GOOD coffee. And, more importantly, it is the home of the quad venti peppermint mocha. In other words, it is the home of the nectar of the gods. I don’t have one every day – or even every other day. I try to keep it to twice a week. Not only are they wicked expensive (upwards of $6 here, $9!!!! in Vegas), but they have something like 900 calories.

But so very, very worth it.

I am now close to 40 hours Starbucks-free, and I expect that by tomorrow morning I’ll be starting to feel it.  In the mean time, I’ll be keeping Coffee Mate in business – they are now selling peppermint mocha creamer year round!!!

So I hope you all will join me in a cup of creamy, minty, caffeinated goodness as we reflect on the blessings we all have.Nestle's gift to us all.


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