Wednesday Whine…

So, like many authors I have an “EDJ” – an Evil Day Job. Mine is particularly soul-sucking, as I deal with young adults who are by turns infuriating, frightening and heartbreaking.  I try so hard not to take it to heart – that way lies madness – but it’s incredibly difficult not to take personally a sixteen year old “woman” looming over you calling you a LITTLE BITCH.  Of course I AM little. And I AM a bitch. But she doesn’t get to say so.

This sort of thing makes it hard to write. I know this sort of drama spurs some authors to writing like demons. Sierra is one of those stress-writers. I can’t keep up with her on a good day, let alone when she’s dealing with extra crap. It’s the exact opposite for me.  I get stressed and upset, and my creativity dries up like it never existed. All my energy drains out through my toes, and all I can do is sleep. Which sucks on many levels.

So I’ve decided I need to win the lottery. Or something. So I can quit the EDJ and get on with my life – the life of a writer, dammit!


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