Spinning Yet Another Plate…

So, since I’ve been writing and pubbing solo as VJ Summers, I’ve been thinking I should set up some sort of “VJ Page.” The problem is, I can’t even manage to keep Violet’s page up to date! It was a dilemma.

Enter Marie Sexton & Heidi Cullinan’s most excellent Coffee & Porn blog. Oh. My. God. On so many levels! First, let me just say that the porn part is EXCELLENT!! But what really tweaked my interest (okay, it was the porn that tweaked my interest – admit it, that’s what grabbed your attention, too) was when one of the ladies commented that they auto-loaded the posts, so they didn’t have to spend the whole day posting. And, thank you God, they post all day long.

Hmm… Maybe I could manage that…

So, here it is: My Smut Blog.  Take a look around – things should get more interesting as I figure out what the heck I’m doing. Leave a comment – especially if it’s something nice!


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